It was "ForemosT" that gave me the inspiration on March 13, 2017, and so began the process of taking an idea to manifested reality in only 10 days. The artwork and website were established, and the first pre-production of products had been made. However to tell "my story" well and in almost chronological order, we first turn back the clock up a bit.

It was 26 years ago, that a doddle on a napkin lead to the first 2 dozen "Wipe Out Hussein" T-shirts on the street, and that all happened in 2 weeks. It was a novel concept, based on a unique color changing ink developed in Japan. The warmth of hands rubbing the image of Hussein would cause it to disappear and turn visible again in a few minutes.

"Wipe Out Hussein" wasn't on the web; we hardly knew about the Internet. Our marketing program consisted of a telephone and a Ford Bronco (that stayed on the road constantly). It was an exciting adventure indeed. Ten weeks into Desert Storm, my old partner and I had just received a $1 million order, when everything went bust. It was a sad crash indeed.

However, working as consultant to a variety of business, particularly new ventures, many of my best assets came out of the mistakes I had made. As a result the "Drain the Swamp" project will have the advantage of both the success and failures of the past.


To understand this business opportunity, it would be good to know the Founder's motivations and character, but moreover, to know the relationship I have with my partner, "ForemosT." The lettering of this word is not a typo or misspelling; it is a characterization of Him - capital first and last!

At 3 score and ten (plus 2), I know my place in the Kingdom on earth. It is a priority for me and my house to serve the Lord. I believe as our intimacy with Him deepens, we can know and proclaim His will and enjoy favor. Thus I proclaim this project will serve His purposes:

    • Encourage the President to preserver in "Draining the Swamp."
    • In turn, add to the integrity, economy & security of the nation.
    • This project will create personal income oppportunities for many.
    • Ultimately fund selected humanitarian and mission projects.

to be continued

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Why do I shout GLORY? "The struggles of health, finance and relationships in our lives today are insignificant when compared with the GLORY that God has prepared for us in His Kingdom on earth. Let us rejoice and focus upon fulfilling the opportunity that He has placed in our time. For all the resources of the earth (creation) eagerly and earnestly wait in expectation for the sons of God to take their place in the field." (My Interpretation of Romans 8:18-19).
Business Opportunity