In Support of Draining the Swamp

President Donald J. Trump

The 2016 presidential election was a breakthrough of conservative interests for the forgotten working people across the heartland of America. It has culminated in a "movement" which can gain momentum for decades to come.

President Trump is working tirelessly to advance employment and economic opportunities by putting America (Americans) first. Meanwhile, he must reduce the drag by "draining the swamp" of corrupt bureaucrats that are intent on obstructing progress. This is a formable task considering the opposition in the GOP, Dems and mainstream media.

Essential to maintaining energies to "Drain the Swamp," the people are to be vigilant in demonstrating their visible support through rallies, logos, banners, phone calls, mail, etc. This creates business opportunities in the T-shirts, postcards, commemoratives and other items presented on the sister website:

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    • CREATIVE: Innovative Design & Development of New Products

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    Leonard Heatherly, Founder
    Good to know about the Founder, but...

    It was "ForemosT" that gave me the inspiration on March 13, 2017, and so began the process of taking an idea to manifested reality in only 10 days. The artwork and website were established, and the first pre-production of products had been made. However to tell "my story" well and in almost chronological order, we first turn back the clock up a bit...